Services Provided:
- Residential Pest Control
- Business Pest Control
- All Pests Controlled
- Pest Eliminations
- Pest Problem Control
- Home Pest Control
- C
ommercial Pest Control
- Pest Treatment
- Pest Proofing Venues
- Pest Proofing Homes
- Insect Prevention
- Cockroach Control
- Silverfish P
est Control
- Bed Bugs Service
- Possum Control
- Wasp Pest Control
- Bee Pest Control
- Ant Pest Control
- White
Ant Pest Control
- Red Ant Pest Control
- Spider Pest Control
- Mouse Pest Control
- Rat Pest Control
- Snake Pest Control
- Flea Pest Control
- Termite Pest Control
- Bat Pest Control
- Pigeon Pest Control
- Borer Pest Control
- Ferrule Cat Control
- Ferrule Dog Control
- Wild Animal Control
- Infestation Control
- Rodent Pest Control
- Stored Pest Control
- R
estaurant Maintenance
- Hotel Pest Control
- C
ommercial Pest Control
Residential Pest Prevention
- Pest Preventation
- Venue Inspection
- Pre-Build Pest Permit
- Ranger Services^^^

Additional CBD Services:
Pest Control Melbourne
- Home Pest Control
Pest Controllers Melbourne
Home And Pest Inspection
- Rodent Control Melbourne
Pest Control (All Services)
Termite Control Melbourne
- Pests Control (ANY)
Wasp Control Melbourne
Ant Control Melbourne
- Flea Pest Control
Ants (big) Pest Control
Pest Control (white) Ants
- Pest Deterrents
Australian Pest Control

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Victorian Pest Control Services
Servicing all Victorian Suburbs in Australia including:
- Melbourne CBD (Central Business District)
- Metropolitan Victoria (All Suburbs Serviced)
- Rural Victoria (Special Country Rates Apply*)
- Pensioners Receive A 10% Discount**.
- Business & Residential Clientelle Service Agents.

Please note:
- FREE TELEPHONE QUOTES^: 0405-983-312

Welcome to Melbourne Pest Control Services.

Please phone "David" on: 0405-983-312

David works 9am to 10pm Monday To Friday and additional fees apply on
weekends and after hours.

Pest Control Services Include:
- All Australian forms of pest control serviced:
- Possums, Ants, Wasps, Mice, Pigeons
- Ferrule Cats/Dogs, Bees, Spiders, Cockroaches
- Bats, Snakes, Fleas, Silverfish, Bed Bugs
- Termites, Stored Pest Hazards, Rodents
- Dragonflies, Moths, Moles, Insects, Borers.

Also including:
- New home inspections and pre-infestation services.
- Infested homstead/business termination of pests.
- All business and residential preventative services available.
- Business pest control maintenance scheduling service.
- Certified legitimate pest-free property certifications.
- Pre-Building pest-permit solutions (we come and inspect on location).

What you will need prior to despatch:
  1. Your credit card to pre-book a job-slot.
  2. A two hour timeframe to allow for arrival (today or "of your chosing").
  3. To allow for unforseen weather conditions (for external pest control).

Please Note:
"As with all types of mobile service agents (or "MSAs") appointment arrival
  times may fluctuate depending on "on-road" traffic conditions (such as
  road hazards). As such, we endeavour to always phone ahead should we run
  in to any heavy traffic as a common professional courtesy."

"Typically you should allow a 30 minute window for us to turn up within.
   We are grateful for a timeframe as large as possible, as this gives our staff
   members "room to breath" which in-turn allows them to feel that they work at
   a company that looks after their well-being, which is a very important factor in
   our success as a company who bases high emphasis on worker satisfaction."

"We generally like to book appointment arrival times between 9am to 12:30pm
  and 1:30pm to 5pm. After hours services are available and additional rates
  may apply however we do understand that many households have no one
  home during business hours and you are free to speak to one of our service
  agents and barter."

"Should the need arise, we may be willing to waive any additional after hours 
  fees depending on our schedule".

(For example, we may be on our way to an other job in your area and it makes 
sense to give you a courtesy call and see if you would like us to come around
after hours at no additional fees.)

Victorian Suburbs Serviced:


Please note: Some Rural Victorian Suburbs may not be mentioned, however I
can assure you, we service all Victorian Suburbs on a daily basis.

Please phone David on: 0405-983-312
To claim your free booking. Typically speaking, we can engage in "same-day"
service provided you phone us early enough before we are booked out on
the day that you require service.

Please note: This website and management reserve the right to out-source to
legitimate and highly professional service agents only.

It is the service agent/s sole responsibility to communicate with clientelle
and we refuse any claims of liability arising through service agent interaction.

Please note that pest control, especially "SNAKE" control can become
hazardous to human health.

We therefore request that if you or any of our service agent/s suffer any
forms of loss in any way worthy of taking action, please phone management 
directly on 0405-983-312 and ask to speak to "Management".

In the event of an emergency please phone the police on "000" (tripple zero)
prior to calling anyone else.

If the emergency occured due to snake interaction, please ask the service
agent what type of snake it was (for example, if our service agent was "struck'
or "bitten" by a venomous snake, such as a "brown snake or tiger snake").

Please note that brown snakes typically look darkish copper brown and tiger
snakes commonly have a distinctive "red streak" and are generally the most
poisonous and stand to do the most damage.

Snakes are a common part of life in Rural Victoria and typically if you simply
walk in the other direction you should be okay. However if a snake ever "S-
CURVES" their neck and/or hisses at you, the time to run may become
prevalent. Standing in one place may also work as the snake slithers past.

One additional note regarding snakes. Should you ever run in to a brown snake
is that doctors always say they do not know how to treat many victims prior to
going to hospital:

"When asked why doctors do not know how to treat brown snake bites, their
standard response is commonly":

"Because they never get to hospital" (they perish beforehand).

So if you ever see a brown snake, do call us on "0405-983-312".

Negligence claims:
We take negligence extremely seriously and are more than happy to drop
service agent/s who may not be up to our exceptionally high service

Our primary concern is that we service your request in the least possible
amount of time. With the highest forms of excellence and keep you happy.

If you are for any reason whatsoever dis-satisfied in any way whatsoever.

Please phone David on: 0405-983-312

"If for any reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied with your interaction
  with David we are more than happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee
  provided you can prove negligence." David Kellas (CEO).

About David:
"David has worked alongside many reputable companies such
  as "Crown Casino Venues" and has consistently maintained only the highest
  standards of excellence within the field of AUSTRALIAN PEST CONTROL".

"David is a fully qualified and legally binding pest control service agent, fully
  complying with all Victorian Australian Standards and exceeding the standards
  on a regular basis."

"It is therefore my honor and privilege to offer you David's services at an
  affordable and manageable price-point and inform you that David's track
  record with past clients is nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL. Demonstrating
  both MORALISTIC and ETHICAL work processes with a highly professional
  outlook toward problem solving and customer satisfaction orientation."

"David's primary concern is his clientelle, focussing on delivering relevant
  course of action and applying the desired results with great accuracy
  whilst maintaining due diligence."

"In my twenty years of knowing David, he has proven not only to be highly
  reliable in terms of time-management, he also places high emphasis on user
  confidence. Meaning he is more than happy to take you through the entire
  process methodology and detail exactly how and why action/s are required on
  location (leaving many customers so grateful they tend to be compelled to
  phone management and detail his great work ethic)."

                      - David Kellas (CEO,

  Depending on your location.
  Provided you can produce a valid pensioner concession or elderly citizens
   Local call fees may apply (higher rates for mobile phones).
*** Provided availability permits.
^^^We can assist you finding the correct park ranger extermination service.

Welcome to David Pest Control Services
Privacy Policy
SERVICE HOTLINE: 0405-983-312
SERVICE HOTLINE: 0405-983-312
"If only there where other service agents as diligent as David. He has streamlined the process of pest control at my company and I know my company has never been in more dependable or professional hands". D.K.